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Who we are

We play the role of a trusted advisor and trustee for over 30 clients and their families. Our clients operate on 3 continents.


We are a Group of Companies committed to high-net-worth clients founded by dr Anna Maria Panasiuk comprising of YOURS Family Office, Panasiuk & Partners Law Firm and CENTRE Investment Boutique & Strategic Business Partner. Together we form a team of experienced tax advisors, legal counsels, strategists and financial experts.

We provide legal and tax services to high-net-worth clients and their companies including planning and implementing intergenerational succession. We support our clients in protecting their existing assets and weathering the market storms. We play the role of a trusted advisor and trustee for over 30 clients and their families. Our clients operate on 3 continents.


The services provided by YOURS Family Office involve special advice on private asset management, legal services, in particular asset succession planning as well as tax care. We offer family investment accounting reporting, an innovative service in Polish market, and professional secretary services.

We also advise our Clients on how to diversify their investment portfolios. We take part in building international holding structures domiciled inter alia in Cyprus, Malta, Luxembourg, Great Britain, Russia, Hungary, Isle of Man, Lichtenstein, Monaco, The Netherlands or Switzerland. We represent our Clients in negotiations concerning acquisition agreements, exit form transactions for investment funds (including business incubators), as well as in obtaining funding. We possess extensive knowledge in relation to the functioning of the private equity market. We pay particular attention to making transactions optimal from a tax perspective.

We enjoy a reputation of being trustworthy, which is evidenced by the number of long-standing Clients whom we cooperate with. We are perceived as a renowned and reliable partner.

We guarantee:

  • Client-focused approach towards issues, which are seen in their proper context and with reference to the relevant market conditions
  • Fixed teams of advisors
  • Transparent fees
  • Access to substantive knowledge of our advisors
  • Independence from any corporations and sales outcomes imposed by banks and other financial institutions
  • Striving towards minimising the costs that the Client incurs when managing his assets
  • Clear description of the aim and scope of our Family Office services
  • Details in relation to our performance targets
  • Ability to manage risks of the entire family
  • Assistance in effectively allocating duties and obligations between family members, the Family Office and any other involved parties
  • Services of a coordinator, who maintains contact with different institutions, and who is able to oversee the entire portfolio of the Client
  • Implementation of the agreed course of action

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dr Anna Maria Panasiuk

Managing Partner/Advocate

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Dorota Sajewicz

Investment Partner

Dr Anna Maria Panasiuk

Managing Partner/Advocate

Founder and Managing Partner of Panasiuk & Partners, with many years of expertise in wealth management.

She supervises a team of lawyers, tax advisors and accountants, whose services are aimed at ensuring effective client portfolio management.

Anna boasts many years’ experience in capital markets law, gained while providing day-to-day legal services to investment funds and holding companies. She participated in numerous restructurings and M&A deals, working for both companies and investors.

She is also an effective negotiator, representing clients at different investment stages.
Over 20 years of experience in dealing with international holding structures allow latitude in choosing appropriate investment instruments.

She specialises in intergenerational succession planning, and advises clients on the implementation of their family philanthropic policy. With her hands-on approach, she helps future heirs engage in the execution of family investment plans. She also acts as conservator of private foundations and last will’s executor.

Based on her experience, she assembled a team of experts offering services for wealthy families under the brand YOURS Family Office, which has become a pioneer of such services in the Polish market.

A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Gdańsk, the American Law Program at the Jagiellonian University under the auspices of the Catholic University of America in Washington DC, and Executive Studies in Finance at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics.

An advocate and a Doctor of Juridical Science, Anna is also a patron of arts and founder of the Artis Causae Foundation.

Dorota Sajewicz

Investment Partner

She has 20 years’ experience in strategic management of the development of companies, their brands and products. Since 2018, Dorota is an Investment Partner with Panasiuk & Partners, specialising in strategic assessment of companies seeking recapitalisation. Dorota advises the firm’s clients on investments and provides day-to-day assistance to companies being the objects for investment.

A strategic and marketing advisor, she is a member of INSPIRE Training Firm and delivers expert trainings and workshops for management boards and senior executives. In the years 2015 – 2018, partner and Vice-CEO of RISK Made in Warsaw. Previously, a member of the senior managing team, head of marketing and product development at coffeeheaven – co-creator of that brand’s success. She also gained relevant experience as marketing and PR manager at: NorthFish, Costa Coffee, Timex Polska, „ProMarka” – the Polish Association of Branded Goods Manufacturers (Stowarzyszenie Wytwórców Produktów Markowych „ProMarka”).

Dorota specialises in strategic assessment of companies and the strength of their brands, assessment of new product development potential, with particular focus on new technologies, media, ecommerce, marketing communication in its broadest sense, luxury goods, retail and fashion industries.

She participated as a leader in numerous projects involving change management, effectiveness increase, development and implementation of business strategies aimed at strengthening companies and their products.

Dorota graduated from: The Polish Open Universtiy – with the highest score across all courses that year; Public Relations Course at the University of Warsaw with the Golden PR Expert Badge, and the Business Management Programme for executives at the ICAN institute (Canadian International Management Institute)
organised by Harvard Business Review.

Today, she also acts as the President of the Artis Causae Foundation, which supports non-educational knowledge and artistic development of children living in disadvantaged areas, and promotes and protects Polish heritage by supporting the reconstruction of historical monuments and protecting them against degradation.

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Andrzej Sałamacha

Partner/Attorney-at-law, Certified Insolvency and Restructuring Advisor

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Joanna Biernacka


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Marta Abramowska

legal assistant

Andrzej Sałamacha

Partner/Attorney-at-law, Certified Insolvency and Restructuring Advisor

Andrzej has gained his experience working on numerous projects involving foreign investors and major Polish companies in the field of M&A, sale and acquisition of enterprises, as well as on a variety of company restructurings and reorganisations, including by way of merger (also cross-border), division, transformation and liquidation. He also advises on day-to-day corporate matters, meetings of company’s governing bodies, and analyses relating to various aspects of their operations.

Furthermore, his interests and experience cover the succession planning for family businesses, as well as legal and tax protection of the business during generation change.

Being a Certified Insolvency and Restructuring Advisor, Andrzej is an expert on restructuring proceedings involving bankrupt entities, and on bankruptcy matters.

He graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. Andrzej completed his attorney-at-law training at the Poznan Bar Association of Attorneys-at-Law and successfully passed the bar exam, after which he was entered into the list of attorneys-at-law.

He also completed post-graduate studies in restructuring law at the Łazarski University in Warsaw.

Joanna Biernacka


Joanna keeps books for foreign and Polish companies, and draws up financial statements in accordance with the IFRS and the Polish Accounting Act, as well as reviews companies’ tax situation and carries out initial audits. Her knowledge of bookkeeping in European holding companies is essential in preparing CFC financial statements for foreign controlled companies.

She has gained her experience working for ITCI and YOURS group, where she supported the accounting department under the supervision of a senior accountant and a team of lawyers, and working for an accounting and audit company in Nicosia. Joanna’s expertise includes managing holding companies and carrying out capital and restructuring transactions, including liquidations.

A graduate of the Faculty of Finance and Accounting at SGH Warsaw School of Economics.

Marta Abramowska

legal assistant

Marta has gained her several years’ experience working at, among other places, the Warsaw branch of a leading international law firm. She joined Panasiuk&Partners in 2013.

She provides specialist and logistic support to a team of lawyers providing day-to-day corporate advice to clients, and assists in all matters relating to filing documents and supervising registration procedures (the National Court Register (KRS), pledges), before both Polish and foreign authorities.

Marta’s experience includes assisting in registration procedures, incorporations, transformations, restructurings and liquidations, with respect to both Polish and foreign business entities, their branches and representative offices.