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We provide the highest quality of Family Office services.


For over 10 years our team of lawyers and accountants has been providing specialised services within the field of private wealth management.

Thanks to the long-standing relations and trust that we share with our Clients, we are able to suggest beneficial solutions to the most confidential matters of our Clients and their families. Services of the YOURS Family Office are devoted to wealthy individuals and their families, and include in particular:


Family investments auditing is a service that targets the following challenges and needs:

  • Lack of necessary documentation
  • Decline in the value of investments that require immediate termination and vindication, or the verification of any existing security
  • New investment proposals that require legal or financial analysis before conclusion
  • Analysis of unknown legal risks arising from poorly prepared documents or the failure to fulfil legal, tax or foreign exchange duties
  • Lack of certainty that a Polish or foreign investment company is being run in a proper manner


  • Return on invested capital together with interest
  • Assistance in negotiations and recovery of investments
  • Verification of and advice against seemingly lucrative investment projects
  • Access to market information and more attractive investment opportunities
  • Protection against criminal/fiscal penalties arising out of legal risks which the Client is not aware of
  • Preparation of documents the aim of which is to ensure the continuation of ownership of family assets by successors/heirs (relevant particularly for companies established in Cyprus, the UK, Isle of Man, etc.)
  • Tax savings though the restructuring of on-going investments


The wealth management service is provided in cooperation with authorised entities, as well as experts in capital markets, real estate, etc. Our advice and administration services also relate to investments in real estate and artwork.


  • The development of wealth management strategies is in particular aimed at securing the value of the accumulated wealth of the Client, as well as ensuring its steady growth
  • Our objectivity (lack of any ties with financial institutions; we also do not charge a commission) ensures that the recommendations we provide to the Clients are always reliable
  • Legal and tax verification of investments proposed by authorised financial advisors
  • Investment advice, including advice in relation to risk management – choosing and recommending the most advantageous offers
  • Preparation of reports on the valuation of investments, as well as the provision of document storage services allowing our Clients to have ad hoc access to investment documentation


Challenges and needs:

It may often prove difficult to estimate the value of a diversified investment portfolio. This frequently arises due to the fact that the investor does not possess the appropriate and/or complete documentation which sets out his rights to the assets covered by the investment. Not only does this prevent the investor from knowing the actual value of the respective assets, it may also make it more difficult to terminate those investments which prove to be disadvantageous.


  • Our accounting services which are provided by qualified accountants specialised in private client matters are necessary to ensure that our Clients are kept up to date in relation to their investments
  • In case any documents are missing, we provide assistance in re-creating them

In addition:

  • We draw up periodic reports in relation to our Clients’ estates
  • We provide auditing services in relation to documents and insurance covers, as well as other services necessary for the preservation of family-owned assets
  • Close cooperation between our legal and accounting teams ensures that any legal risks arising out of our Clients’ investments are properly managed
  • We provide independent reporting and monitoring services in relation to the performance of any entities which our Clients are connected with. We prepare a single consolidated report which provides an overview of a Client’s entire investment portfolio


Challenges and needs:

  • Investment and commercial activities may be carried out using different legal entities.
  • In addition, the fast-changing tax landscape in Poland and abroad may generate considerable fiscal risks.

Reliance on professional legal and tax services provided by the YOURS Group may offer the following advantages:

  • Time efficiencies
  • Effective implementation of investments
  • Effective recovery of debts
  • Tax savings
  • Clear reporting and documentation in relation to investments
  • Safety in relation to investments, capital transactions and on-going operational activities
  • Providing care for individuals and their companies in relation to their tax affairs, as well as foreign exchange and accounting matters


Challenges and needs:

There comes a time when the manager of a family business or an extensive investment portfolio must consider passing the estate onto his successors. In order to influence this future transition, careful planning and consideration are needed beforehand.

The passing of the family estate onto the new generation will inevitably be associated with many legal and tax obstacles and limitations. This requires the close involvement and knowledge of experienced professionals. In dealing with intergenerational succession planning, it is crucial that all relevant formalities are adhered to, so that the successors in title may properly manage the family estate in the future.

In addition, at the level of simple day-to-day management, the family estate that grows from generation to generation requires a very significant amount of work and knowledge.

We therefore offer our Clients:

  • Legal and tax advice in relation to the choice of the most appropriate legal solution in Poland and abroad; we prefer domestic solutions, provided they are compatible with the aims put forward by our Clients
  • Trustee services aimed at safeguarding assets, execution of wills, managing endowment trusts, and in particular giving effect to the wishes of the head of the family
  • Coaching and supporting successors in taking over the family business
  • Managing the family estate and investments


The professional secretariat service relates to the keeping of documents, recording of transactions and making of payments on behalf of our Clients. The service focuses on and targets the following:

  • Excess of periodical payment obligations
  • Large amounts of private documents dealing with the estate or family management
  • Difficulties with keeping up-to-date with private bills
  • Absence of due care with respect to the insuring of the estate, as well as non-verification of the extent of insurance policies which can result in the lack of an appropriate level of security protecting the family wealth

By choosing the professional secretariat service our Clients can benefit in various ways:

  • Saving valuable time
  • Being confident that deadlines will be adhered to, no processing fees will have to be paid, and that interest will not accrue on unpaid/late payments – i.e. significant cost savings
  • Protection of documents and prompt assistance of our secretarial staff whenever a Client document is needed (and the Client is unable to respond personally)
  • Financial savings gained when renegotiating the terms of contracts for services – our secretarial staff, who manage the affairs of many families, are very experienced in relation to matters such as insurance costs, renting of vehicles or the payment for the administration of properties. Our secretariat is able to negotiate the terms of various paid services on behalf of our Clients.