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We advise Clients listed by the Forbes magazine as the wealthiest individuals in Poland

We act as trustees, executors and guardians of the family estate. We manage private estates. We help securing assets and carry out successions.

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We have been entrusted by our Clients with assets worth more than PLN 1.1 billion

We pay particular attention to legal and tax compliance. We provide corporate, transaction and capital restructuring services.

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In 2014 we carried out transactions worth PLN 718 million in total.

We provide on-going accounting services for domestic and foreign taxpayers. We cooperate with foreign auditors.

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The Family Office service is devoted to wealthy individuals and their families. The need to provide care to the family and adequate protection for its wealth arises from the fact that the family estate which grows from generation to generation invariably requires a very significant amount of work and knowledge – whether the aim is to expand the estate of simply to preserve it. However, this specialised knowledge is currently often dispersed amongst different and separate entities: accounting firms, law firms and investment advisors. The Family Office combines these distinct and indispensable services, thereby allowing for the provision of a single, coordinated and comprehensive advisory service within the field of family wealth management.

By bringing together and coordinating these separate advisory services (legal, tax, financial, real estate, etc.), the Client can be confident that his affairs will benefit from complete and all-encompassing supervision, which is not available when such services are provided by a number of dispersed, unconnected and individually expensive entities.

The Family Office may also perform the role of a professional secretariat which carefully oversees all Client maters, whether relating to foreign exchange duties arising from international investments or the payment of private bills and invoices.

Nasze Usługi

For over 10 years our team of lawyers and accountants has been providing specialised services within the field of private wealth management. Thanks to the long-standing relations and trust that we share with our Clients, we are able to suggest beneficial solutions to the most confidential matters of our Clients and their families.



We support our Clients in implementing their business deals, securing existing assets and overcoming economic uncertainties. We perform the role of a reliable advisor and trustee for over 30 Clients and their families.


We enjoy a reputation of being trustworthy, which is evidenced by the number of long-standing Clients whom we cooperate with. We are perceived as a renowned and reliable partner.


The YOURS Group comprises the YOURS Family Office and the YOURS Panasiuk law office, and includes tax advisors, lawyers, legal advisors and accountants.